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Modernizing Frontend Experiences

Learn from experts at Contentful, Netlify and Orium about how to modernize using a headless approach, decoupling your frontend from your backend as a first step toward a fully composable commerce platform.

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About This Class

About This Class

Moving to a composable commerce platform doesn’t have to be an all or nothing endeavor, and it doesn’t have to be a years-long undertaking. This masterclass, featuring experts from Contenful, Netlify, and Orium, will walk you through the steps to decoupling your frontend experience from your legacy backend systems leveraging a headless approach. You’ll learn how to get more flexibility and freedom in your operations, and come away ready to start taking the first steps on the path to full composability.

Meet The Experts

Industry experts with the hands-on experience to help you understand the steps to a successful composable commerce implementation.

Nick Switzer, Senior Solution Engineer

Nick is a technical people-person, well-versed in solving business problems with technology. He is a Solution Engineer at Contentful with a background in enterprise web development and 15 years of experience in the CMS space.

Henry Smith, Senior Solutions Engineer

Henry is a Senior Solution Engineer at Netlify based out of London, UK. He is a keen technologist with a background in modern composable web applications, physics, digital simulation, and sentient computing.

Adrian Diaz, Senior Software Developer

Adrian is a Senior Software Developer with Orium, specializing in e-commerce headless architectures with complex payments integrations. Experienced in deploying large enterprise projects to multiple cloud environments such as AWS, GCP, on premise, and serverless he has been coding for over 15 years. Alongside professional certifications with commercetools and GCP, Adrian holds a bachelor's degree in visual arts and brings a nuanced understanding of both customer and developer experiences to projects.

I think that concept of building something, it lasting two to three years and then literally having to start from scratch and rebuilding. If you take a step back and look at that it just seems a little bit insane. Having that ability to have a bit more of that composable journey where you can say ‘Okay well, 80% of my application is still doing what I want it to and its great, but now a better tool has come along or we’ve learned better ways to do things or business needs have changed slightly, we’ll just change this piece’ is a much more sustainable way to stay truly up to date.

Henry Smith, Senior Solutions Engineer, Netlify

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