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Composable Commerce Masterclasses

Our masterclasses were created to give you the information you need to navigate the transition to composable commerce. Learn directly from industry experts, connect with peers facing similar challenges, and get ready to take your business to the next level— whether you’re growing, scaling, or completely transforming your retail and commerce operations.

Track 2

Structuring A Composable Architecture

Custom curating a tech stack doesn’t happen by chance. Composable.com’s Structuring A Composable Architecture Masterclasses will give you the knowledge you need to build the stable, flexible, and scalable architecture your team can use over the long-haul. Learn how to ensure your integrations operate seamlessly, including pitfalls to watch out for and best-practice whether you’re starting with just one piece or overhauling the whole system, from industry experts with proven track records of success.

JULY 2023

PWAs and Deploying High-performance Headless Commerce Frontends

August 2023

Modernizing Frontend Experiences: A Step-function Toward Greater Composability


Planning the Architecture Of Your Modular DXP

September 2023

How to Make Best-in-class Technologies Work as a Solution: Best Practices For Automating & Integrating a Composable Commerce Stack