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About Myplanet

Since 2009, Myplanet has been designing, delivering, and operationalizing data-informed customer journeys that support how brands sell to—and serve—customers across channels.

What We Do

Myplanet specializes in headless commerce, customer data, and retail data platforms. We invest heavily in research and development, building out the foundations of composable commerce to help brands solve complex retail issues.

The™ Accelerator, our proprietary approach to delivering headless commerce experiences built upon curated suites of best-in-class modular technologies, was born of that laser focus. And so is the content on was created to engage and educate the retail community about the movement to modern commerce, empowering brands with the knowledge needed to embark on their own journey of transformative change.

Headquartered in Toronto, Myplanet is a certified BCorp with teams around the world.

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MACH Alliance Member

As a member of the MACH alliance, we believe in building future-proof enterprise technology and taking advantage of the most innovative and flexible enterprise solutions available. We’ve seen, first-hand, the value brands can realize from moving to a modular architecture and want to help others realize those same outcomes.

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