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What is Composable Commerce?

And how can it help your brand exceed customer expectations and business goals? This video outlines the basics of how a composable commerce architecture differs from a monolith and explains the advantages of a headless, microservices-based platform. Watch and learn.

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Headless vs Composable: The Origins of Modern Commerce

Understanding the differences between “headless” and “composable” is essential for any modern retail brand looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Getting Started With Composable Commerce

The move to composable commerce is necessary for brands to stay competitive, but it requires a commitment to change and to transforming your business.

The Building Blocks of Composable Commerce

There are three building blocks of composable commerce necessary for a retail brand to scale: headless commerce, retail data platform engineering, and customer data activation.

Master Your Domain

Build the knowledge you need to transition your brand to composable commerce. Pick and choose the masterclasses that are most relevant to you, or register for them all and gain deep expertise on modern commerce platforms. Whether you’re a business leader, technical practitioner, or ops manager, you’ll learn what’s involved in building, maintaining, and getting the most out of a curated headless commerce suite.

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At Canada’s largest retail, marketing, and technology conference, Dx3, data and AI were key themes across talk tracks, industries, and specializations.

NewStore invests in its leadership team ahead of the company's next growth stage

Seemingly small decisions around terminology can have outsized impacts on everything from operations management to reporting. Learn how to apply consistent terminology standards in your e-commerce systems.

The Google Cloud Next conference featured a number of major showcases of composable commerce integrations, proving the technology is becoming industry standard.

commercetools announced that it has received the 2024 Google Cloud Global Industry Solution - Technology Partner of the Year Award.

Bloomreach Discovery enriches its Loomi AI with Google’s Gemini models and Vertex AI platform.

Try It Yourself

Spin it up, extend it, make it your own. Our Composable UI accelerator lets you easily create dynamic storefronts with an open source foundational React and Next.js design system and UI library for modern composable commerce websites.

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North America’s leading composable commerce consultancy and systems integrator, Orium works with best-in-class technology partners as a member of the MACH Alliance. With over a decade of experience in creating custom digital programs, Orium is setting strong composable commerce foundations today to support how brands serve their customers across channels now and in the future.

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With a portfolio of composable commerce services that allow brands to tailor commerce to the needs of their business, commercetools is enabling profitable, sustainable brand building at an infinite scale. Powerful, highly customized customer interactions built on MACH technologies, commercetools empowers businesses to embrace innovation and thrive while customizing its commerce architecture to fit evolving business and customer needs.

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Elastic Path

Providing brands and retailers with the ultimate level of control, speed, and confidence needed to deliver commerce their way, Elastic Path delivers sophisticated consumer experiences with complex business logic seamlessly across any digital channel. It’s composable commerce for brands with the multi- factor.

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In 2020...digital efforts resulted in a 300% increase in e-commerce sales over 2019, a trend that has continued in 2021.

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Trinh Tham

CMO, Harry Rosen, Company