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Marketplace of Conveniences

Consumers are demanding more convenience in their digital experiences, forcing brands to act quickly to meet their demands. The end result is often an investment in disparate solutions that silo customer data and create disjointed customer journeys, creating greater complexity across the touchpoints between consumer and brand. Composable by Myplanet™ solutions simplify how businesses can deploy true omnichannel commerce solutions, allowing brands to engage everywhere their customers connect.

Several overlaid images showing people interacting with different interfaces, including a smartphone, a VR headset, a smart speaker and smart glasses.

Harry Rosen - Case Study

A Tailored Platform Experience

Unifying the employee and customer experience for a best-in-class solution.

Harry Rosen - Case Study
Harry Rosen - Case Study

Features & Benefits

Let Composable accelerate your omnichannel commerce experiences…

What Works, When

Composable starts with a proprietary approach to ingesting and analyzing existing behavioural and benchmark data, giving brands the confidence to know which digital experiences work when.

Design Studio

Based on data-driven insights, we leverage our design studio to craft brand differentiating premium experiences to fully engage customers where you’ll have the greatest impact.

Proven Conventions

Where being different is not predicted to be an advantage, we deliver experiences from Composable’s library of proven conventions, giving your customers the experiences they expect.

Composable Architecture

Composable seamlessly integrates best-in-class composable technologies, providing the business experience and peace of mind required to scale the brand.

Optimize and Adapt

Composable incorporates Google’s Enhanced Commerce tracking and is CDP-ready, giving you the insights you need to optimize and orchestrate experiences within and between channels.

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