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Product Discovery: Enabling Search Outside The Box

Go beyond the basics with Algolia and Orium to explore the elements of search-and-discover you can leverage to create an optimized brand experience that delivers the right products at the right time, engaging customers throughout their shopping journeys.

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About This Class

About This Class

Tiiu Vaartnou, Senior Digital Analytics & Optimization Specialist at Orium, Morgan Johanson, Senior Customer Success Manager at Orium, and Jason Long, Solutions Engineering Leader at Algolia as they dive deep into the world of next-generation search capabilities. This class builds from the foundations, starting with how to set up your data for success, and then goes beyond business-as-usual to explore the ways you can optimize your search-and-discovery to deliver experiences that maximize customer satisfaction and grow your business.

Meet The Experts

Industry experts with the hands-on experience to help you understand the steps to a successful composable commerce implementation.

Jason Long, Solutions Engineering Leader

With 15+ years of experience in the tech industry, Jason has worked across marketing, operations and solutions engineering departments. Having joined Algolia in 2020 after a long stint at Salesforce, he currently leads an amazing team of SEs across 3 different regions. Under his leadership, his team is focused on tailoring Algolia’s search and discovery platform for some of the largest and most complex brands in the world.

Tiiu Vaartnou, Senior Digital Analytics & Optimization Specialist

Tiiu leads the Experimentation, Personalization, and CRO programs at Orium and has over a decade of retail, e-commerce and analytics experience. Tiiu's approach in building personalization programs puts customers at the center of every decision by prioritizing data-informed and scalable strategies to help retailers continually serve their customers the best experience possible while maximizing ROI on their tech stack.

Morgan Johanson, Senior Customer Success Manager

Morgan is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Orium, with 2 years of dedicated service. Specializing in Optimization and Customer Data Activation for enterprise clients, Morgan has successfully led numerous complex Conversion Rate Optimization projects and Customer Data Platform implementations. With a total of four years in digital marketing, Morgan has had the opportunity to work across non-profits, in-house teams, and agency environments, collaborating with renowned brands in diverse industries ranging from high-performance sports to e-commerce and technology.

Ingest the data, analyze it, get insights, and then act on those insights… the leaders are doing that right off the bat. The leaders are doing it—Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix are all doing this—so customers now have that expectation, that bar has been set. So if your brand doesn’t provide that? They immediately fall back to a psychological state of ‘This company is falling behind… I have to talk like a computer to get what I want instead of trying to search like a human being.

Jason Long, Solutions Engineering Leader, Algolia

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