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Deploying High-performance Headless Commerce Frontends

Discover how to structure your headless commerce platform to deliver faster responses and give customers an experience that moves at the speed they want using modern approaches from the experts at Vercel and Orium.

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About This Class

About This Class

This masterclass, featuring Alex Hawley, Partner Solutions Engineer at Vercel and Nik Shenoy, Director of Software Development at Orium, walks you through the many factors that impact front-end performance and the approaches you can take to optimize for an experience that delivers both the speed and experience your customers expect. Looking at what to measure, how to measure it, and the challenges of how to balance performance against other priorities, you’ll come away with a more complete understanding of how to structure your stack for success.

Meet The Experts

Industry experts with the hands-on experience to help you understand the steps to a successful composable commerce implementation.

Alex Hawley, Partner Solutions Engineer

Alex is a Partner Solutions Engineer at Vercel. He has spent the last 15+ years building web applications for companies ranging from small local moving companies to Fortune 500 enterprises. At Vercel, he collaborates with partner engineering teams to build fast websites with rich user experiences using the latest frontend frameworks and tools. Alex is an avid marathon runner and Chicago native.

Nik Shenoy, Director of Software Development, Orium

Nik Shenoy leads Software Development at Orium. With over two decades of experience in building custom enterprise software, Nik knows the inner workings of tech like the back of his hand. Blending deep domain expertise with a whole-system view that factors in business, opportunity, and team impact, he is a recent recipient of Tech In Motion's 2022 Best Tech Manager Award.

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