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The MVP Mindset: Speed Time To Value And ROI

Walk through the approaches you can take to get started with composable commerce—and see faster ROI—without overhauling your entire tech stack at once with experts from BigCommerce, Bold Commerce, Contentful, and Orium.

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About This Class

About This Class

BigCommerce, Bold, Contentful, and Orium dig into the complexity of composable and extract the straightforward solutions you can implement today to deliver value quickly and start building your path to composability in increments. Whether you leverage an accelerator to speed up the process of a replatform, or take a phased approach that swaps solutions in as needed, you can launch the performant, modular experiences your brand needs sooner with some strategic planning— and the right insider advice.

Meet The Experts

Industry experts with the hands-on experience to help you understand the steps to a successful composable commerce implementation.

Kyle Capsalis, Strategic Partner Manager for Headless/Site Tools

Kyle Capsalis is an insightful, enthusiastic advocate for creating seamless commerce experiences that benefit business users, developers, and customers alike. With a diverse background across enterprise commerce solutions, his knowledge and experience runs the gamut of the headless ecosystem. He believes with the right tools and understanding, merchants can be empowered to reap the full benefits of a composable commerce approach.

Jay Myers, Co-founder

Jay Myers is committed to building powerful, flexible, and customizable eCommerce apps that connect great teams with great products to deliver incredible growth for brands. He believes each brand has different needs, but that all brands have the same goal: to reach their full potential. To help retail and commerce brands reach those goals, he believes in creating opportunities for learning directly from experts and from exploring and growing familiar with the tools and solutions available. Jay is co-founder of Bold and the co-creator and host of the Own Your Commerce podcast.

Nicole France, Director of Content

Nicole France is a passionate customer advocate evangelizing new ways of thinking about content and organizing the work of digital business. It’s the wave of the future — and her mission is to make sure everyone knows why. She brings the perspective and critical thinking of an industry analyst and the first-hand experience of a practitioner. Before joining Contentful, Nicole worked as an analyst at Constellation Research and Gartner. She also held a variety of strategy and marketing roles at Fujitsu, Equinix, ITSMA, and Cisco.

Katie McCoy, VP Product & Design Services

Katie McCoy is VP Product & Design Services at Orium, working closely with delivery teams to support full-scale composable commerce transformations for clients. She is responsible for functional strategy, operations, and supporting the growth of product managers, bringing over fifteen years of experience in product strategy and management, interaction design, research, and process, and customer experience to her work with some of the world’s leading brands.

We spend a lot of time working with brands, understanding how do you think about ROI as you move? I think every single component, every single area needs some form of return on investment— and it’s not always revenue. Because if something improves efficiencies and time or operations, that ultimately leads to revenue.

Jay Myers, Co-founder, Bold Commerce

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