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Achieving Personalization Success With Contentstack’s Support

Contentstack continued to show confidence in its “No Fail Promise” as Egan announced it would double-down on its word with two more releases.

One release is the launch of Contentstack Academy 2.0, a Learning Management System (LMS) built solely on Contentstack. “It’s a showpiece for the new technology,” Egan said.

“We’ve also expanded the mandate for learning content, so it’s not just about Contentstack. It will include AI, personalization, best practices for change management, and guidelines for going composable.” AI is heavily included in Contentstack’s product offerings and launches, but Egan recognized there’s still hesitation.

“The reason you’re not adopting AI isn’t because you can’t go to our marketplace and install it, but it’s because you have fundamental questions,” he said. “What are the best use cases to start with, what LLM should I be using, what governance and review should I be building in?”

In response to these challenging questions, Egan unveiled the Contentstack AI Accelerator as the final launch of the day. The new program, rolling out to all users in September, marks a step towards empowering brands to integrate AI into their operations by creating a starting point for using Contentstack’s AI Assistant, AI Connectors, and Contentstack Automate in addition to Brand Kit and Personalize.

In as few as 6 weeks, companies can introduce AI tools to their organization to increase content production, personalize experiences, and build automation into their workflow, with the help of experts who have successfully done it before.

Egan shared the success of Golfbreaks, an early user of Contentstack AI Accelerator. The program has improved efficiency for its marketers, taking a 2-hour task performed 6 times a week, down to 20 minutes per day.

Based on these exciting new releases, one thing is abundantly clear: Contentstack believes that when automation is done correctly, teams can drive efficiency, increase personalization success, and be more productive.

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Vanessa Kingson

Senior Copy & Content Writer, Orium

Vanessa Kingson has over 8 years of experience copywriting for B2B, SaaS, and B2C clients. She has worked as a digital marketing manager, strategist, and lead copywriter for digital marketing agencies prior to joining the tech world.