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Legacy commerce doesn't meet the needs of modern digital retailers.

Business leaders need to evolve their thecnology stack to keep up with the ever changing needs of consumers. Brands interested in making the shift from legacy to an evolving "best-for-me" stack can do so incrementally, with the right strategy.

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Moving away from all-in-one platforms, digital businesses are choosing technology for individual functions.

Key Insights

  • Traditional replatforming is dead. Learn how brands are buying best-for-me technologies to gain adaptability and flexibility.
  • 33% of brands have realized they can no longer remain competitive with a single vendor solution, and must look to specialized SaaS solutions to drive category innovation.
  • Brands who are transitioning their technology stack, must consider all aspects of their business that need improvement to realize the most ROI.

Forrester outlines the ins-and-outs of why brands need to leave all-in-one platforms and move to a curated suite of best-in-class technologies.

Forrester research suggests brands “evaluate vendors on their ability to keep up with you and pull you forward as the market evolves,” as this is the future of modern commerce.

Modern brands are constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Monolithic platforms serve a purpose, but restrict the capabilities of brands to craft unique experiences because of technology limitations.

The future of technology buying will be function-first towards a curated suite to enable innovation. To start, brands can augment an existing tech stack and fill gaps with the right modular components, without needing to replace an existing technology stack all at once. This incremental implementation is the key to success.

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