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Harness the Power of Customer Data

Strong customer-brand relationships are built with robust data.

From a conversation with an in-store associate to an online product search, every moment that a customer interacts with your brand is an opportunity to capture valuable data and learn about your customers. With an outdated tech stack, data often passes through multiple systems, resulting in fragmented, disjointed data collection.

Retailers need a consolidated snapshot of their customers to be able to draw useful insights about their preferences, shopping habits, past purchases, and more. And without these insights, how can you properly scale your brand, customer relationships, and business outcomes?

Building a Foundation for Data Orchestration

Data is the driving force behind customer journey orchestration, allowing brands to provide a shorter, more frictionless path to conversion. And because journey orchestration is an ongoing and dynamic process, your data activation model must be iterative, so you can continuously improve brand outcomes and customer experiences.

Strategic approach to data

The approach used to improve customer journey orchestration is the CUT methodology: Capture, Understand, and Test. This framework offers a powerful, iterative delivery program that unites your team, tech stack, and business model, one use case at a time.

  • Capture: Consistently capture data from all touchpoints into a single source of truth.
  • Understand: Draw meaningful and actionable insights from all your data.
  • Test: Based on your insights, deploy specific creative and audience segment testing.

When this framework is properly implemented, you can gain a much better understanding of your customers, enabling your brand to provide them with a thoughtfully crafted journey that meets their needs. The beauty of this methodology is it allows you to continue capturing data to improve experiences over time.

CUT Methodology

CUT Methodology


Consistently capture data from all touchpoints into a single source of truth


Draw meaningful and actionable insights from all your data


Based on your insights, deploy specific creative and audience segment testing.

Success Through Activation and Orchestration

Data activation and orchestration are both iterative processes. A multi-phased roadmap for data will set you up for success, allowing you to build a strong foundation on which you can orchestrate meaningful customer journeys.

No two data orchestration strategies should be the same as KPIs differ between retail brands and across channels. Once you have a deep understanding of your unique position and needs—from your industry-specific benchmarks to your market-specific Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and specific customer segments within it—you can start to create your roadmap.

Customer Data Made Better By Composable

Composable commerce is about solving specific problems with the best technologies, in the best way possible. Built on the data that flows from your tech stack, your data activation and orchestration plans can deliver meaningful digital experiences to your customers. Customer data strategies rely on understanding how to capture data across these technologies and implement tests to ensure your teams are enabled to effectively act on the data.

Brands choose composable commerce to maximize their flexibility and agility to deliver the best customer experience possible - and the CUT framework helps you realize that goal.

Composing your own tech stack allows you to implement tools that enable you to capture data to help build relevant and meaningful customer journeys. From tailored product recommendations to the entire look and feel of your website, as you collect more data, draw more meaningful insights, and perform more relevant tests, you'll build both a stronger technology stack and more engaging customer experience.

What are the building blocks of composable commerce?

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